Empire Axe/Invert Mini BBCS .50 Caliber Conversion Kit


Axe/Mini BBCS in .503 & .506 Bore size

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Product Description

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The BBCS for Empire Axe & Invert Mini markers. Kit includes everything you need to easily swap your Axe/Mini marker between .50 caliber & .68 caliber.

The Patented BBCS kit for the Axe/Mini allows you to simply remove your stock bolt & detents, Install the BBCS with your stock spring, Install the 2 anti-rotation balls using your original detent caps & springs, drop in the feedneck reducer and then install the hopper* of your choice (the .50 caliber Spyder Rapid works well with a 27mm adaptor) and you are shooting .50 caliber out of your Axe/Mini. Worried about shooting to fast, Use a Tippmann gravity feed .50 caliber hopper and pull the trigger as fast as you want, but with the markers break beam vision system, the marker will only fire as fast as the balls can load making it great for recreational play!

The Patented BBCS system has integrated dual ball detents & Uses high quality urethane 016/70 sail orings and 015/70 barrel tip oring making it easy to get replacement parts.

The Axe/Mini BBCS is available in 2 bore sizes .503 & .506 .

*Force feeding hoppers are not recommended with the BBCS System.

Kit includes BBCS Bolt Assembly, 2 anti rotation detent balls, Feed Neck tube reducer

**NOTE- Will not fit in the 2015 Axe Pro Models with rubber detents.

Additional Information

Bore Size

.503 for Axe/Mini, .506 for Axe/Mini