GOG eNMEy / eNVy BBCS .50 Caliber Conversion Kit


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Product Description

The Patented BBCS for GOG eNMEy, eNVy & Smart Parts Vibe markers. Kit includes everything you need to easily swap your GOG/SP marker between .50 caliber & .68 caliber.

**NOTE- Will not fit in the 2016 V2 eNMEy  with 3 piece Bolt Assembly.

Kits are available for the Ion Bolt Out Back style markers with vision as well- Email us at info@paintballinnovations.com for ordering information.

STORE / FIELD OWNERS: Please email info@paintballinnovations.com for pricing. This item is available if you want to test one kit, but special pricing is available for those looking to purchase 10 plus kits to convert rental guns.