Velocity Limiting Device (VLD) Installation Instructions

The Velocity Limiting Device (VLD), The Velocity Limiting Device or VLD for short is designed for inline valve markers to allow for reduced velocities. It is installed inside the powertube outlet tip and held in place by the velocity adjusting screw. When using the VLD, velocity on  most markers can be reduced to the 150 fps range (results will vary depending on marker and drive spring selection).

Installation of the VLD requires removing the powertube or to be installed prior if installing the BBCS system for low velocity operation. Please refer to your owner’s manual for assembly/disassembly instructions to remove the powertube for your specific model.

Installation Instruction.

1. Remove the valve and velocity adjustment screw from the powertube.

2. Install the VLD with its o-ring into the powertube outlet, making sure to align the velocity screw hole in the powertube with the hole in the side of the VLD.  Use a small wood dowel by installing the pointed end of the dowel into the large end of the VLD (a pencil works good).

3. While pushing in on the VLD, reinstall the Velocity Adjusting Screw and bottoming it out, then, back the velocity adjusting screw out 1/2 turn for initial adjustment.

4. Reinstall valve and reassemble the marker.

5. Using a chronograph, set the velocity to the desired fps setting

**All velocity adjustments should be performed with a chronograph while wearing ASTM compliant paintball goggles.**