GOG eNMEy BBCS Installation Instruction

nme3BBCS Kit Installation Instructions-eNMEy

Thank you for purchasing our adaptor system for your marker, please take the time to completely read the following installation instructions of the kit to insure correct operation and reliability. Our conversion kit, once installed will allow you to shoot .50 caliber paintballs from your existing marker. You will want to save your existing bolt, That will allow you  to switch back to .68 caliber , Simply by removing the BBCS Bolt Assembly.

Please review the exploded-view schematic of your particular model in the owner’s manual. These can be downloaded and printed from GOG’s website if needed. Familiarize yourself with the parts and names.

*IMPORTANT*MAKE SURE YOUR MARKER IS COMPLETELY DEGASSED! Remove your air or CO2 tank and dry fire the marker one or twice to ensure there is no pressure in the valve before doing any work on your marker. It is recommended that the marker not be fired with the .68 caliber barrel removed.BBCS NME with Details 1

Included in the Bolt/Barrel Adaptor Kit for GOG eNMEy

1.     BBCS Bolt/Barrel Combination with 2 Ball Detents

2.    GOG Bolt Stop

3.     BBCS Indexing Volumizer  (IV) with O-rings (2-016 Urethane)

4.     BBCS Indexing Pin (.125 x .625)

5.     BBCS Feed Neck Reducer

The BBCS Bolt Assembly is shipped assembled, Lubed and ready for installation.

Disassembly of the BBCS Bolt Assembly

Note- The BBCS Bolt Assembly can be cleaned & lubed without removing the rear IV, But if you would like to take it apart for a inspection or to replace the 014 Urethane O-ring in the bolt stop, please follow these instructions.

1. Remove the rear IV 016 o-ring.

2.Using a small pick or push pin, Push the .125 x.625 pin out of the IV. Take note on the location of the air transfer hole in the IV, it is recommend to be reinstalled in the same position.

3. With the .125 x.625 pin removed , you can now remove the IV and the rear bolt stop.

Assembly of the BBCS Bolt Assembly

  1.    Install the rear bolt stop.
  2.    Install the IV with the air transfer hole in the same position as when removed, over the rear bolt stem.
  3.    Install the .125 x .625 Indexing Pin into the hole located in the O-ring groove.
  4.    Install the 016 Urethane O-ring in the rear groove of the IV.
  5.    Inspect the rear O-ring to insure that the Indexing Pin is centered. If there is a slight bump at the pin hole, the pin is not centered in the IV, To correct, using slight finger pressure at the bump, push the o-ring inward toward the center of the IV making sure that the Indexing pin is lined up in the pin hole.
  6. After you have reassembled the BBCS Bolt Assembly, light lube the orings with SLEEK or DOW 33 grease and it is ready for installation into the marker.

Fitting the BBCS to your .68 Barrel

The BBCS Bolt Barrel System uses 3 o-rings to seal and align it within your existing barrel. It is crucial that the front o-ring fitment is sized correctly for improved accuracy. On the front of the BBCS, there are 3 o-ring groves that are used to size it to your barrel.  The BBCS will come with the front o-ring in the center groove and should slide freely into your barrel for the best performance. Moving the o-ring rearward will tighten the fit and increase accuracy. It is crucial that the fit is not tight, if it is, and has excessive drag, there can be re-cock issues.

  1. Using a light coating of SLEEK or DOW 33 grease, lubricate the BBCS o-rings.
  2. With the white urethane o-ring in the middle front grove, slide the BBCS into your .68 caliber barrel and make sure it slides freely into your barrel. You should be able to feel the barrel start to seal as the linkage arm connecting screw comes to within approximately ¼” of the back of your barrel.
  3. If the BBCS starts to drag while sliding into your .68 barrel, remove the BBCS and install the white urethane o-ring into the front groove, then slide the BBCS into your .68 caliber barrel and make sure it slides freely into your barrel.

Best reliability will be experienced using the center front o-ring groove, using the 3rd groove can increase accuracy, but will require the front o-ring to require lubrication more often.

It is essential that the BBCS slide freely inside of the .68 barrel.

Marker Disassembly

  1. Follow manufactures instructions to remove the bolt from the marker.
  2. Using a 5/16 allen wrench, remove the .68 caliber bolt and rear bolt sleeve.  Set the .68 caliber bolt aside and store for future use if so desired.
  3. Clean the rear bolt sleeve and lube the BBCS Bolt Assembly, then install it into the rear bolt sleeve.
  4. The BBCS Bolt Assembly is now ready for installation into your GOG eNMEy.

Installing the Feedneck Reducer    

Installed Feed Neck Reducer

Installed Feed Neck Reducer


Feed Neck Reducer Installation (Feed Neck Clamp Removed)

The feedneck reducer is designed to slide down into the body of the eNMEy and is held in place by the o-ring around the body of the feedneck reducer. Its upper diameter is designed to allow the .68 caliber hopper to fit over it.

1.     Apply a small amount of Sleek/DOW33 to the body o-ring.

2.     Insert the Feedneck Reducer into the feed port and gently push it down until it bottoms out and installation is complete.


Marker Reassembly-Please read completely for proper operation.

  1. Install the BBCS Bolt Assembly and rear bolt sleeve into the rear of the marker by gently sliding it in with light pressure.
  2. Using a 5/16 allen wrench, screw the rear bolt sleeve into the eNMEy and tighten gently.
  3. Now that the BBCS is installed into the marker, slightly loosen the rear bolt sleeve.
  4. Looking down into the feedneck, observe the BBCS feedhole, it will need to be centered in the feedneck hole for proper operation.
    Feed Neck Reducer/BBCS Alignment

    Feed Neck Reducer/BBCS Alignment

  5. With the marker pointing away from you, rotate the BBCS to align it with the left side of the feed hole and gently tighten the rear bolt sleeve. As you tighten the rear bolt sleeve, the BBCS will rotate slightly into the center of the feedneck hole.
  6. Check the BBCS for movement, it should slide freely within the body of the marker.
  7. Install the .68 caliber barrel.
  8.  Install a barrel blocking device, then a air source and test fire the marker to insure proper operation.
  9. After proper operation is confirmed, You can install a gravity feed .68 caliber hopper, fill with .50 caliber paintballs and test the BBCS for velocity.
  10. Velocity is controlled exactly the same as designed by GOG with the regulator pressure.

Initial Velocity Adjustment

**All velocity adjustments should be performed with a chronograph while wearing ASTM compliant paintball goggles.**

The BBCS kit is designed with the supplied IV to shoot between 225 fps and 325 fps. Velocity is controlled using the vertical regulator for more or less air pressure (psi) to raise or lower velocity (fps).

  1. Using a 5/32 allen wrench in the bottom of the eNMEy’s vertical regulator to adjust the pressure.  Turning clockwise increases pressure, to raise velocity, while turning counter-clockwise decreases pressure to lower velocity. After each adjustment take 2 or three shots to allow the pressure to stabilize, then check again by firing over the chronograph. Adjust until the eNMEyis firing within limits for the field where you are playing. For safety reasons and to avoid internal damage, never adjust the eNMEyto fire at greater than 325 feet per second using .50 caliber paintballs.

Your marker is now ready to shoot .50 caliber paintballs. If you decide to switch back to .68 caliber, all you need to do is disassemble the marker, remove the BBCS Bolt Assembly and reinstall the .68 caliber bolt ( BE SURE TO CHECK VELOCITY) and you can go back to using .68 caliber paintballs.

**Important Notes**

1. When using .68 caliber hoppers for .50 caliber paintball, it is important that the hopper be pushed all the way down into the bottom of the feedneck reciever, otherwise it will create a edge that will allow .50 caliber paintballs to jam in the hopper to feedneck connection point.

2 .To help increase ball detent life, it is recommended that the marker not be fired with the .68 caliber barrel removed.

If you have questions or concerns with this installation, we can be reached via email at info@paintballinnovations.com or 425-397-9800.