About Us

Paintball Innovations was started by a paintball field owner that felt there was a need for more research and development of .50 caliber paintball products that could be utilized by field owners to help grow and expand the potential customer base by being able to offer a reliable and affordable solution to the .50 caliber shortfall from manufactures.

We have developed a kit to allow most .68 caliber markers to be able to use .50 caliber with a simple change of the bolt system, It is the Bolt/Barrel Combination System or BBCS for short.

Using Thru Bolt Technology, The BBCS  uses a unique bolt system that allows the .50 caliber paintball to load into the center of the bolt system and with the extended forward end of the bolt acting as the .50 caliber barrel, allows the user to shoot .50 caliber paintball out of the .68 caliber paintball marker.

Currently, the BBCS is only being offered to paintball fields for field use due to the low retail market demand. The BBCS is an item that will allow field owners a reliable and affordable way to offer low impact with out having to buy .50 caliber specific markers and allowing them to use thier current markers as multi caliber markers. Markers like the FT12 can be switch between .50 caliber and .68 caliber in under 2 minutes or vice versa.

We are working on adapting the BBCS System to Tippmann ACT equipped markers but at this time only offer it to Non ACT equipped markers.

We are now offering the BBCS kit for Tippmann based markers in a retail version. For the Tippmann based markers, they will retail at $79.95 each and include the BBCS bolt/barrel, BBCS Power tube, BBCS Linkage Arm, Ball Detent and L Shim ( FT12 only) and a Pull Thru Squeegee.

You can get them thru DBS Paintball’s website at http://www.dbspaintball.com/product_p/bbcs-kits.htm

They also have Tippmann based markers available that have the conversion kits installed, contact Dusty@doodlebugsportz.com for more information on these markers.

For more information and field pricing,  email us at info@paintballinnovations.com

We currently have kits in development for the most popular rental markers, The Tippmann 98 based markers and the Tippmann FT12 with others coming soon. Tippmann based kits are available now.

Follow this link for a Demo of the FT12 shooting .50 caliber Paintballs


Follow this link for a Demo of the Tippmann shooting .50 caliber Paintballs