98 Custom/Platinum & SW1 Installation Instructions

BBCS Kit Installation Instructions-98Custom-Platinum/SW1

Thank you for purchasing our adaptor system for your marker, please take the time to completely read the following installation instructions of the kit to insure correct operation and reliability. Our conversion kit, once installed will allow you to shoot .50 caliber paintballs from your existing marker. It does require replacing the powertube, but if you decide to switch back to .68 caliber marker, it is not necessary to replace it, as the BBCS powertube will operate correctly with .50 or .68 caliber operation.

Please review the exploded-view schematic of your particular model in the owner’s manual. These can be downloaded and printed from Tippmann’s website if needed. Familiarize yourself with the parts and names.

*IMPORTANT*MAKE SURE YOUR MARKER IS COMPLETELY DEGASSED! Remove your air or CO2 tank and dryfire the marker one or twice to ensure there is no pressure in the valve before doing any work on your marker.

**Important Note** The BBCS System is not intended for use in ACT equipped markers.

Included in the Bolt/Barrel Adaptor Kit for Tippmann 98 based markers

1.       BBCS Bolt/Barrel Combination

2.       BBCS Linkage Arm

3.       BBCS Power Tube

4.       Ball Latch

5.       Pull Thru .50 Caliber Squeegee



1-     Follow the markers manufacture instructions to remove the power tube from the marker.

2-     Remove your existing valve from the stock power tube and reinstall into the supplied BBCS power tube followings the manufactures recommended procedure.

3-     Remove the velocity adjusting screw from the stock powertube (save it as you will reinstall it in the BBCS powertube).

4-     Remove existing ball latch.

5-  Clean and dry all of the removed parts for reassembly.

 Fitting the BBCS to your .68 Barrel

The BBCS Bolt Barrel System uses 3 o-rings to seal and align it within your existing barrel. It is crucial that the front o-ring fitment is sized correctly for improved accuracy. On the front of the BBCS, there are 3 o-ring groves that are used to size it to your barrel.  The BBCS will come with the front o-ring in the center groove and should slide freely into your barrel for the best performance. Moving the o-ring rearward will tighten the fit and increase accuracy. It is crucial that the fit is not tight, if it is, and has excessive drag, there can be re-cock issues.

1.    Using a drop of paintball gun oil, lubricate the BBCS o-rings.

2.    With the white urethane o-ring in the middle front grove, slide the BBCS into your .68 caliber barrel and make sure it slides freely into your barrel. You should be able to feel the barrel start to seal as the linkage arm connecting screw comes to within approximately ¼” of the back of your barrel.

3.     If the BBCS starts to drag while sliding into your .68 barrel, remove the BBCS and install the white urethane o-ring into the front groove, then slide the BBCS into your .68 caliber barrel and make sure it slides freely into your barrel.

Best reliability will be experienced using the center front o-ring groove, using the 3rd groove can increase accuracy, but will require the front o-ring to require lubrication more often.

It is essential that the BBCS slide freely inside of the .68 barrel.


  1. Install the supplied ball latch.
  2. If you are installing the optional Velocity Limiting Device’s, Install the into the BBCS supplied powertube following the instructions on the Velocity Limiting Device Instruction page and skip step #3.
  3. Install the velocity adjusting screw, turning it all the way in and gently bottom it out, screw it back out ½ turn for your initial adjustment.
  4. Following your markers manufacture instructions  Reassemble the marker using the BBCS supplied powertube/valve assembly ,BBCS linkage arm (make sure the short end with orange mark is in the BBCS Bolt/Barrel), BBCS Bolt/Barrel .
  5. Install your .68 caliber barrel.

Initial Velocity Adjustment


**All velocity adjustments should be performed with a chronograph while wearing ASTM compliant paintball goggles.**

1.      Turn the velocity screw in until it bottoms out gently in power tube.

2.      Back the velocity adjustment screw out ½ turn.

3.      Check velocity adjustment with a chronograph to verify the operating velocity of the marker.

Special Notes for 98 Platinum Series

**When disassembling 98 Platinum markers with the BBCS system installed, it is necessary to push down the ball latch while removing the BBCS Bolt/Barrel.

1.       Remove feed elbow

2.       Using a pick, small screwdriver, small allen, etc., reach in thru the feed hole and push down the forward facing ball latch foot while sliding the BBCS Bolt/Barrel and Powertube assembly rearward out of the marker.

**Important Notes**

1. When using .68 caliber hoppers for .50 caliber paintball, it is important that the hopper be pushed all the way down into the bottom of the feedneck reciever, otherwise it will create a edge that will allow .50 caliber paintballs to jam in the hopper to feedneck connection point.

2. After the marker has been used, you will notice that 2 small dimples in the powertube outlet are formed, these are normal and will not effect the performance of the BBCS equipped marker.

3.To help increase ball detent life, it is recommended to store the marker in the cocked position.

Your marker is now ready to shoot .50 caliber paintballs. If you decide to switch back to .68 caliber, all you need to do is disassemble the marker, remove the BBCS Bolt (You can use the BBCS powertube and linkage arm with your .68 front bolt). Reinstall the .68 caliber bolt and you can go back to using .68 caliber paintballs.


If you have questions or concerns with this installation, we can be reached via email at info@paintballinnovations.com or 425-397-9800